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Continental Divide Charity Bicycle Ride-Day 12. The end of the road.

We left Atlantic City, Wyoming today at six am. Wild Billl our host got up and made us breakfast at 5:30am. A great breakfast from a outstanding host. Any cyclist riding through should stop there and stay.

Unfortunately 30 miles into our planned 133 miles, I got distracted and my front wheel slide out in some sand and I fell. Luckily we had phone service so i called Wild Bill and he came out to get me and took me to the hospital.

I have a broken leg and will have surgery tomorrow to put in a rod. 

This great journey is coming to an end.

I can't tell you how much your encouragement

 and support has meant to us. Our charities are great and they deserve any support you can give.

Through this trip I have found depths of strengths and preservence.

Thank you an God bless,


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