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Continental Divide Charity Bicycle Ride-Day 10. 110 miles. 5600 tough feet of climbing. 5200 calorie

This may look like a regular day for us, but boy was it difficult. We crossed the continental divide twice again today at heights way above our previous crossings. There were three really difficult climbs. We crossed over two passes: Togwatee Pass at 9200 ft and Union Pass at 9680 ft. We spent most of the day riding at over 8000 ft. Union Pass was closed to vehicles and we had to push our bikes through snow again.  There were two pickup trucks stuck in the snow of the pass. The descent from Union Pass was a rock-strewn rutted mess that required constant attention and was continually jarring. The jarring really messes with David's back. For the first time this trip, both David and I are really falling down tired.

The scenery continues to be breathtaking.

Once again, we met really nice and colorful people. In the morning, we spoke with Cowboy Jim. He told some history and a couple stories about the Togwatee area. 

At the end of our ride, we were really hungry and went to Old Stones Smokehouse and Country Pizza in Pinedale. We were so hungry we just put our bikes in the hotel room and went to eat in our cycling clothes. As we were talking with the waitress, the owner came over and was talking with us. When he heard what we are doing and that we are riding for c

harity, he told us to order whatever we wanted and that it was on the house.

During our ride, we were stopped and a man stopped his truck to speak with us and if he could help. We had 32 more miles to go an David was out of water. The man went to his truck and gave David big bottle of Powerade.

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