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Continental Divide Charity Ride - Day 7. 100 miles, 4300 feet of climbing, 4500 calories. Wise River

Today was a day of differences. We climbed in the morning to an altitude of 7875ft, our highest yet, and a low of 5500ft. The temperature was 29 degrees in the morning and 83 degrees in the afternoon. David was  really freezing and had to use my space blanket under his clothes to try to stay warm.  With the changes in temperature and the cold wind, we were putting on and taking clothes off all day.

Tomorrow we leave Montana and enter a small part of Idaho before entering Wyoming the next day. 

The mo in Montana must stand for mosquito because they are all over and in large numbers. David and I have numerous bites.

Chipmunks were crossing in front of us all with deer and antelope all around.

Physically, we think we are starting to adapt to the work. It is still hard to tell. 

We had a bit of a scare this afternoon when we went to check in to a motel and were told they were full and another place was full and  the next closest was 80 miles away. With the prospect of a long additional 80 miles at night on top of our 100, it did not look good. Luckily David spoke with a lady in a restaurant and who 

suggested a place that worked out. People in Montana have been incredibly nice. If it hadn't worked out, a girl working in the restaurant was offering to drive us 40 miles to a place. 

The comments on Facebook and emails have been very nice. It is the goodness that surrounds us that is so heartwarming. 

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