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Continental Divide Charity Ride- Day 6. 87 miles from Boulder to Wise River, Montana

87 miles with 5000 feet of climbing seemed like a walk in the park after yesterday.  My legs felt like rubber

all day and my wind just wasn't there. We crossed the continental divide for the fifth and sixth time today. We passed through Butte today with its huge mine. On the way here, we saw a sign for a place called Wisdom. I don't belong there so you won't get any pictures of wisdom. The second picture shows the altitude for our second crossing of the divide today, our sixth overall.

It took us 12 hours today mainly because of being tired. Our bodies are amazing. We are asking for so much out of them and they respond. 

The views and scenery continue to be amazing but a little difficult to appreciate when you head is down telling your legs to keep moving.

Today we burnt over 4000 calories riding. 4000 to 5000 will probably be our daily average. Funny thing, I do not yet feel especially hungry.

The beard is growing in. I am afraid I will look like a sunburned Santa Claus.

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