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Continental Divide Charity Bicycle Ride Day 5, Brutally hard day 98 miles 8600 feet of climbing. Fro

The ride continues to go well. The bicycle route for the continental divide goes through some of the toughest territory around. We rode for 14 1/2 hours to cover the 98 miles. We crossed the continental divide 3 times on tracts that were barely passable. 

We have gone up trails that seem almost vertical and go on forever. We have gone screaming down rock strewn paths wondering how we got into this.

Both of us are in good spirits. Tired and beaten up. Cuts, scrapes, mosquito bites, blisters, ribs out of place, sores and of course tired muscles. I have had two flats from running into rocks. My hands are so weak from braking and holding the handlebars, I can barely blow my nose.We have fallen over a couple of times. No wrecks. Thank goodness. 

Day after tomorrow, we will move to map 2 of 6. 

It is 10:40 and time for bed.

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