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Continental Divide Days 2&3. Tough and Amazing.

The last couple of days have shown us the amazing beauty of the mountains of Montana. We have ridden 250 miles since we started.  A little less than we hoped, but the rides have been really tough. David saw a bear today about 100 yards in front of him. It saw him and ran away. He was leading at the time. We were making a lot of noise before that. Needless to say we made even more after that.

We are really beat today. We rode about 90 miles with about 7000 feet of climbing. Almost all of roads/trails/paths are dirt with plenty of rocks. We are staying at a motel in Seeley Lake, Montana tonight.

Yesterday, we only rode about 60 miles. We  started late and were about to start a 40+ mile section with no services so just decided to stop short. We stayed in Swan Lake, Montana.  There was no cellular service in the town. We camped and it turned out well.

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