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Absolutely Amazing. 99 miles 6300 ft of climbing through some of the most beautiful and peaceful lan

We rode from Roosville to Whitefish, Montana over two passes. We saw various animals, amazing scenery and worked our butts off. Had to push the bikes through about a mile of snow at Red Meadow Lake.

Once got off the paved road, it became incredibly rocky and rock strewn.  We had some thrilling down hill sections navigating rocks, debris, potholes and rough road.

It felt great to be alive and have the opportunity to do this.

The shuttle from the airport to Whitefish Bicycle Retreat and to the border was supplied by the retreat at great prices and by kind and courteous staff. Cricket, the owner, is one of nicest and most helpful people I have ever met. She was worried about us and tried to check up on our progress and then graciously waited for us, ate dinner with us in town and took us and our bikes back to the retreat. Thank you very much.

We did a lot of learning today. Some things you experience to know what to do.

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