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Tour Divide 2017 Route with Cue Sheet

Thanks to Scott Morris from Topofusion, and his GPS data, we were able to add a cuesheet to the route using Ride with GPS. I have been using this software for a few years, but in deeper detail for the last few months, and I have to say it's been great to me.

With Ride with GPS, you can search for a ride in your area on our route search page without logging in. If you want to draw a map, then go to their route planner and start one on your own, very user friendly. To upload rides, analyze your data, and compete with others, just create an account and we'll introduce you to those features. Their "help" option is really useful.

Using Scott Morris GPS data, I drew our own route starting from Roosville, MT, right at the Canadian border all the way down to Antelope Wells, NM, finishing at the Mexican Border, following all the route turn by turn, through the epic CDT course.

This map is available here free, if you would like to edit it on your own way or simply if you want to ride a specific section.

Less than a week to start!

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