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Roundtrip to Hermann with overnight camping stay, 65 miles each way

Hot and dusty to and from Hermann. Trip went well. I am constantly trying to learn how to do things better. On the way out, I put too much weight in the backpack. So when I repacked in the morning, I tried to minimize the weight and primarily clothes and the sleeping bag in the backpack.

Entrance into Hermann Missouri

Hermann is a beautiful town and has nice a nice campground area. The showers were a bit unsightly, but it sure felt good last night.

Camp set up

Hermann campground shower

It took 6 hours each way which is about my normal pace. If we can sustain that pace or a little slower, things should go well.

I did not eat enough last night or this morning and felt it near the end of the return trip. We will need to make sure to keep eating and drinking. I burned

2200 calories on the way there and 2300 on the way back. A sandwich last night and a protein bar this morning doesn't cut it.

Dusty bike after long ride on Katy Trail

The tent and sleeping bag were great. The handlebar bag from AlpKit did not work out good. It kept slipping down and rubbing on the front tire. I just ordered a different one from a different company. I had to stop all of the time to adjust it and the mosquitoes were out in force today. Even in the sun.

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