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Camping in Hermann after 65 mile ride from Saint Charles Missouri

Nice day. A little warm, but much better than rain, windy and cold like I am used to. Got to Hermann about 6:45. Set up my tent, took a shower(that was nice) and ate a sandwich for dinner.

I plan on getting up at 5:00am tomorrow and hitting the road as soon as I can. Hope to be back home by 10:30am tomorrow. Things are going well, and I am figuring out ways to do things better.

I tell you one thing though. I have a 2 man tent. As you can tell in the picture, that is impossible. Or maybe you can't tell because it is so dark. My tent is from Big Agnes. It is ultralight and well designed. I am also glad I got the Mtn Glo internal lighting system. Doesn't weigh much and provides all around lighting so I am not fumbling around with the flashlight all the time.

Entrance to beautiful Hermann Missouri

Home sweet home

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