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125 miles on a beautiful day.

Really nice day today. Rode 125 miles. Burned 4200 calories. I felt good all of the way until I was 12 miles out and ran out of water. I had to slow down to keep from dehydrating too much. The training for the Continental Divide ride is going very well. I can feel myself getting steadily stronger.

All of the arrangements have been made for the trip. We will start the ride on June 17. We are almost done with setting up the charities we hope you support because of our ride. All funds donated will go directly to the charities and will not be used in any way to pay for our trip.

I listened to a book called "Islands of the Damned" by R V Burgin during the ride today. It is a memoir of a Marine's experience during World War II. Semper FI. We owe all of our veterans who served most especially the ones who went in harm's way a special debt of gratitude. Just to be clear when I ride on the road, I never listen to anything when I am sharing the road with cars. Since I am riding on the Katy Trail it makes the time go faster, and I have a chance to learn.

I saw multiple snakes again today. I was completely unaware of how many snakes there are in Missouri.

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