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The Vino Fondo, 104 miles 5,495 feet of climbing on an absolutely beautiful day.

It was great to be out riding today. Wonderful weather. The Vino Fondo is a timed cycling event put on by Big Shark Bicycling Company around the Augusta area.

Two 100+ mile rides in three days. I did not feel very tired at all during or after the ride today. The training for the trip is coming along nicely. Continuous gradual increases in effort yields great results over time.

So I rode 103 miles on the Katy Trail on Thursday. That ride was 103 miles long and

2017 Vino Fondo

had 732 feet of climbing. I used almost 3900 calories. Today I rode 104 miles on the road, but with 5,495 feet of climbing. For that ride I used almost 3200 calories. On the road, I rode a little longer but with much more climbing and used 700 fewer calories. This goes to show that gravel riding requires much more effort than you might think.

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