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103 miles in the mud on "the Day of the Cardinal"

I saw at least 30 cardinals today. It must be mating season or something.

It was a good day riding. I got covered in mud. 103 miles. A lot happened today. The wreckage as a result of the flood was all over. I would say at least a third of the part of the Katy Trail I rode on had been under water. The flooded Cadillac from last week was still in the road even though the water had receded away from it. There were a lot of washed out sections. I have some pictures of an old railroad bridge on the trail that had had the water up and over it. It was covered in mud and there were a lot of sticks stuck in it.

Balck snake on Katy Trail

Signs of flooding on Katy Trail

Signs of flooding on Katy Trail
Previously flooded car near Katy Trail

Same car flooded last week

Some really muddy areas. Took some effort to get through those without either going down or having to put a foot down.

A lot of animals were out and about. Cardinals as I said earlier, squirrels(including the one I killed when it suddenly reversed direction and I ran over it), about 20 buzzards, a pretty long black shake, a deer, a frog and a tortoise. With respect to the buzzard, there was a group of about 10-12 sitting on the trail and on a nearby fence post. As I approached, they all flew away except one. I passed it about 4 feet away as it eyed me. I then stopped to take a picture of it, but I think it had looked me over decided I was too bony so it then flew away.

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