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20 miles of training on "The Day the Floods Came"

As normal, today's training was in cold, rainy, windy weather except I had to cut it short because the Missouri River was over the Katy Trail. There was water over the trail at a couple of spots until I was almost at the Boone Bridge. Then the trail was completely flooded as far as I could see. I took a picture of it along with several others including a big fallen tree, a flooded Cadillac, a flooded house and Greens Bottom road completely covered.

Things did not go well for this Cadillac.

Flooded Cadillac on Greens Bottom Road

Our house may be flooded, but it is still trash day and the garbage bin is full. The garbage truck only comes one day a week you know.

Greens Bottom Road flooded off of Katy Trail

If you are driving over the flooded section Greens Bottom Road, make sure you pay attention for the bump in the road.

Greens Bottom Road off of Katy Trail flooded

Flooded Greens Bottom Road

Fallen tree on Katy Trail from rain and flooding

Large tree covering Katy Trail.

Katy Trail completely flooded by Missouri River

Katy Trail flooded over from Missouri River as far as I could see.

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