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104 Miles Training 4/28/17 on Katy Trail on the "Day of Fallen Timbers"

Training went well yesterday. As I said in my previous post the morning was cold, windy and wet. The wind was very cold. I was on the Outlook in Klondike Park and had to leave because the wind was so strong and cold that I was freezing.

As usually happens, the wind was in my face all the way out, and I was looking forward to a nice tailwind on the way back. No luck. The sun broke through which was nice and the weather cleared up and wind died. No tailwind.

There were four large trees which had fallen across the trail. The wind during the night must have been pretty strong.

There were a lot of cyclists out yesterday. It was nice to see.

Yesterday, I used the Garmin LiveTrack application so anybody who is interested can follow progress. The plan is to use this application during the Continental Divide ride while posting videos and photos to complement the tracking.

I burned about 4000 calories yesterday during the ride. As you know, I exercise 6 to 7 days a week and have been for a long time. Since I have been training for the ride, I have been burning an additional 3000 to 4000 calories a week over and above my normal calorie usage. When I broke my collar bone last August, I gained about 5 pounds and weighed about 161. Today, I weigh about 155. I have only lost 6 pounds despite a huge increase in calorie usage. In that time, I have not changed my diet. This goes to show that it is very hard to lose weight by only exercising. Diet is the primary way to lose weight by far. Exercise is incredibly important, but will not work alone. Our bodies are incredibly efficient in calorie usage. We burn roughly about 100 calories per mile of running if you are a runner. Think about how many calories you eat in a normal meal and how long you would have to run to burn off that amount of calories. Yesterday and during this training period, I have been burning roughly the equivalent of an additional 30 to 40 miles of running per week.

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