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103 miles of training today. Added some climbing to the mix.

Everything went well. I used the Garmin LiveTrack app for the first time to allow people to watch progress during rides. When we are riding the Continental Divide, I plan on using this to allow whoever is interested to see where we are and the progress we are making. This can be combined with the blog posts with photos and videos to give you the feel of being out there with us.

Weather was pretty good. The temperature was moderate, but there was a strong, chilly wind all day. Saw a couple of deer, a cardinal, some squirrels and a couple of stray dogs. The stray dogs concerned me so I go the old pepper spray ready and altered my route to avoid them. I added an addition 1000 feet of climbing to the ride today. The climbing included Osage Ridge which seems almost vertical and appears to go on forever.

Continental Divide Training on the Katy Trail April 2017

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