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12:10pm 58.7 miles into ride. Eating lunch on the Katy Trail along the Missouri River.

It has been a cool day with a lot of rain. Overall  a good training ride so far. The bike and my backpack are full of mud. Not too many people out today.

Need to get going again. I am starting to get cold.

For Facebook fans, I had another avocado, turkey and cheese sandwich, some unsweetened organic applesauce and Jelly Belly Sports Beans for desert. Those jelly beans taste really good.

Last thing to mention. My daughter, Anna, is playing Patty in the musical Grease at Francis Howell North high school. I am very proud of her and the hard work she has put into getting ready. You should go see it. Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 6,7,8 are the three shows.

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